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Musical Background:
Born into a musical family in Kiriburu, Keonjhar, Orissa. Started playing in rhythm and tune the very first time I got the flute, at the age of four years. Gave my first solo stage performance at seven years of age. Learnt on my own to experiment on different aspects of flute playing, such as going to higher octave, playing various ragas, since there were no professional flute teachers to guide till the age of seventeen. Kiribiru is a hill station, which has music in its air ….had great impact on me.
Major Teachers:
Received training from Mr. M M Patnaik who is a renowned Professor of flute in Sangeet Maha Vidyalaya, (Music University) Bhubaneshwar, India from (1986 to 1989).Learned the finer aspects of flute under the tutelage of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia who is the foremost contemporary flute maestro in Bombay (1990 to 1992).
Educational Qualifications:
B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce): Graduated in 1989 from Ravanshaw College, Cuttack.
Professional Qualifications:
Sangeet Visharada Purna (equivalent to Bachelors in Music): Passed in first class distinction from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh, India.
Selected Honors:
· Selected as a permanent member of International School of Theatre Anthropology (I.S.T.A.) Denmark.
· Got the status of visiting Professor to the University Of Colorado At Boulder, USA.
· Many Indian movies for which I have played have won National Awards for Music. Some selected movies include Gyan Yogi Panchakshari Gawahi, Chinnarimutha, Kotrana Kanasu and others.
Selected Solo Performances
· Performed in Bangalore to commemorate Gyan Yogi Panchakshri Gawahi in 2003.
· Gave a solo perfomace in Gayana Samaj, Bangalore on the occasion of Anantha Hubba, (festival dedicated to Mysore Ananta Swami) in 1994
· Performed in Pune Festival in 1992
· Gave a perfomance at Gwalior Festival in 1992.
· Konark Festival in 1992
· Brindavan Festival. In 1992.

Selected Concerto Performances:
· Performed with Ranjit Barrot, a world renowned Drummer, Amit Hari a jazz Guitarist, and Keeth Peter at the Ravindra Kala Kshetra,for Bangalore Hubba festival in 2004.
· Performed with Jazz guitarist Amit Harry at several places in Bangalore, Chennai, Coimabtore in 2003-2004.
· Performed with Hari Haran, a renowned Ghazal and playback singer of Indian cinema at Beach Festival at Mangalore in 2004.
· Played Jugalbandhi with Pushpa, a renowned Veena artist in Bangalore in 2002.
· Played Jugalbandhi with Pushpa at Bangalore, in 2001.
· Played for famous fusion group called Pulse alongside renowned drummer Shivamani, base Guitarist Keeth Peter, and Sandeep Chowta in 1995.

Selected International Performances:
· Participated in the world cultural meet as part of 14th session of International School of Theater Anthropology (I.S.T.A.) session in Poland during April 2005.
· Performed in the University of Colorado (Boulder), USA, and also in the Indian festival at Colorado. Also performed in and around Seattle (Washington state) as the part of same concert tour during Feb. and March 2005 ,2007 and 2009
· Performed in Holland with singer Dhroe Nankoe, Rafiuddin Sabri (Tabla), and Santosh Mishra(sarangi) organized by RASA (Center for World Cultures at Utrecht, Holland,, which aims to promote non-western music in Europe),
· Participated in world cultural meet organize by I.S.T.A. in Spain during Oct.2004 and then in Bali (Indonesia) in Dec. 2004
· Performed in Holland at a fusion music concert titled Goa Trance, which was organized by RASA (Center for World Cultures at Utrecht, Holland,, which aims to promote non-western music in Europe), in collaboration with the Arts Council of the city of Utrecht, October 2003.
· Performed in Dubai for the first Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebration on 2nd October 2002.
· Participated and performed in I.S.T.A sessions in Italy, Germany and Denmark in August 2000.
· Performed in all major cities in Holland and Belgium at concerts organized by RASA, in November 1999.
· Represented India and performed solo at concerts in the World Cultural Meet organized by I.S.T.A at Portugal and Denmark (1998), Italy and Denmark (1996), Italy, Germany and UK (1992).

Selected Professional Collaborations:
Have worked in association with the following organizations
· International School of Theatre Anthropology (I.S.T.A), Denmark
· RASA Network Non-Western Music, Utrecht, The Netherlands
· Theaterlabor Bielefeld, Germany
· Gruppo Teatrale Immagini, Portugal
· Commune di Lecce, Teatro Politeama, Italy
Selected Recordings:
· “DEEP SKY”, a solo album created spontaneously in a wisp of inspiration. Six insightful compositions on flute in a light western background create an atmosphere of deep reflection and meditation. The cassette and the CD has been released throughout the world by Magnasound Company in 1998.

· “IGNEOUS” a fusion album with flute as the main instrument comprises of four compositions, Inspiration, Igneous, Intuition, and Illusion. The cassette and the CD have been released in 2001 by Vale Music, which has a wide circulation throughout the globe.
· “INDIA SONGS” Fusion Music album with Jan Kuiper a renowned European guitarist, Ustad raffiudin sabri on Tabla and Ustad Mohammed sajeed Khan on vocal released in Europe in 2004.
· “EXPANDING HORIZONS” The first album of the group “ATMICVISION” recorded in USA which consists of Flute(ANNADA), Tabla(Muthukumar) and Double baas(Paul Erhard).
· Played background music and song recordings for more than 800 Indian films in several Indian languages.

Related Experiences:
· One of my compositions was selected to be performed on the 8th International Literacy day at Nehru Stadium in front of the President of India.

Singing Experience:
· Sang for several Indian movies in four different Indian languages Kannada, Hindi and Telugu and Oriya. Few notable movies include Wrong number (Kannada), Olave (Kannada), Yeddelu Manjunath (Kannada) Tume Mo Rati (Oriya), Dum (Telugu)…

Music Direction:
Given music direction for more than 200 private albums in different languages, such as Oriya, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

Teaching Experience:
Students from several parts of India, and international students from USA and Holland come to me to learn flute and Indian Music. My way is to create a vibrant atmosphere of ragas and create space for the students to develop and evolve their own musical talents, and to discover their own creativity within.
I also teach my students how to relax, and to develop the ability to hear the subtle sounds in nature and more importantly the sound within oneself.
I teach them the fundamentals of Indian yoga, meditation techniques, and show how music itself becomes a part of ones Yoga, of ones inner existence.


  • Permanent member of International School of Theatre Anthropology (I.S.T.A), Denmark.
  • Permanent member of South India Cine Music Association.
  • I am also a permanent member " ATMIC VISION ", is a new sound in East-West Indian classical fusion music. Atmic Vision's innovative blending of Indian bamboo flute (me) , double bass (Dr. Paul Erhard, professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder), and tabla (Muthu Kumar of Bangalore) engages audiences with the expressive richness of Indian ragas and rhythms. 2005, '07 & '08 tours have brought Atmic Vision's music to audiences in 10 states from New York to California, and Paris. The Colorado Daily writes of Atmic Vision's first CD, EXPANDING HORIZONS, recorded in 2005: “Some tracks have an upbeat, dancing feel while others send you off into a space of transient, imagery-filled peacefulness.” Atmic Vision's 2nd CD is soon to be released. Atmic Vision’s 2010 tour of USA and Europe is planned for September-October 2010, and will include a concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.